About Me

Just a little background information

My first time I stepped on the scale I weighed 320 pounds. I was filled with utter shame. I realized I had an extreme problem with my weight, and my relationship with food. Now 3 years later I weighed 181 pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life!

When I first started trying to change my life, I wish i had a positive website to get inspiration and information from. This is the reason I have made this blog. If I just help one person, just one, I have succeeded in what I’m trying to do here.

Goals of the blog

  • My primary goal for this website is to HELP you with your fitness goals and aspirations. All my knowledge in fitness and health this comes from research and self proven results.
  • Motivation is one of the most crucial tools in any weight loss/fitness arsenal. My Blog is not only about providing inspiration and my knowledge, it’s also about keeping people motivated.
  • Providing you with my honest opinion with everything I write about.
  • Delivering Informative content

Lets do this together guys!


Stay Positive, Stay Fit

Colby Spencer


Email me at be.colbyspencer@yahoo.com

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